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Something & Nothing: Friends At The Table Soundtrack, Season Five

by Jack de Quidt

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aaron smith
aaron smith thumbnail
aaron smith This guy, am I right? Clearly separating himself from Lem King with the beautiful guitar work on this album, Mr de Quit doubtlessly displays mastery of emotion and composition. Check out Tell Me going into Whisper.
This is a solid album that goes well beyond just being a cool callback to a great AP story. That being said, do you suppose Orc archivists would enjoy Nick Drake? I'm certain every baker in Naquar loves it. Favorite track: Whisper.
Stella-Jude A.
Stella-Jude A.  thumbnail
Stella-Jude A. Spring in Hieron lives rentfree in my brain and probably always will. I remember hearing "Tell Me" for the first time and just sitting on my couch, shaking like a leaf in a storm. Favorite track: Tell Me.
Grace thumbnail
Grace I remember starting the first episode of Spring in Hieron and feeling an enormous, longing ache in my chest at the beauty of the theme. It's a feeling that continues through every song. This soundtrack feels like a journey home, your feet flattening soft grasses as they tickle your ankles, sweet breezes whirling with a faint fragrance, as you return once again to a place of safety and comfort. Favorite track: Something.
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Something 02:32
Still Winter 00:34
Tell Me 03:57
There is a copse upon a hill Five tall pine trees stand breathing A boy i know goes walking there In the early hours of a winter evening He carries books that i know well Says he spends his evenings reading there Shakes his snowy boots off at the door Teases needles from his yellow hair Understand I know the earth beneath feet I know the birds in the cottonwoods Watching him go down the track, ask When will he be back? He doesn’t tell me any secrets He knows that i could know them if i wanted He doesn’t talk about the icy river The fish hiding in the reeds within it I could know where he goes if I wanted to When will he tell me? I could know where he goes if I wanted to When will he tell me? I could know what he does if I wanted to When will he tell me? I could know where he goes if i wanted to If i wanted to When will he tell me?
Whisper 02:11
The Conduit 02:47
Ace! 02:56
What I Want 01:32
Alyosha 03:41
Consequences 01:35
Frost 00:52
A Reminder 02:05
Home 02:42


released October 12, 2018

Cover art by Craig Sheldon (@shoddyrobot)


all rights reserved


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